Texinfo Documentation - HTML Format

The links below contain the HTML version of Texinfo documentation for the indicated packages.
Each document consists of a single HTML page for easy searching of the document.  The downside of the single-page option is that the page may take several seconds to load, so be patient.

Note that the raw HTML output created by the 'makeinfo' utility (makeinfo --html) is serviceable, but definitely not stylish.  For this reason, 'infodoc-styles.css' (style definition file) is 'included' in each of the listed HTML documents. A download link to the style definition file is provided at the bottom of this page, or the documented style-definition package may be found on our Downloads page.

NcDialog API Documentation (updated 2024-06-22)

NcDialog Application Programming Interface v:0.0.37 documentation in HTML format

Console Trashcan Documentation

ctrash v:0.0.06 documentation in HTML format

gString Documentation (updated 2024-05-28)

gString class v:0.0.33 documentation in HTML format

FileMangler Documentation

FileMangler v:0.0.38 documentation in HTML format

Taggit Documentation

Taggit v:0.0.08 documentation in HTML format

WaylandCB Documentation (updated 2024-06-13)

WaylandCB v:0.0.04 documentation in HTML format

AnsiCmd Library Documentation

AnsiCmd v:0.0.04 documentation in HTML format

crcPlus Documentation

crcPlus v:0.1.00 documentation in HTML format

SourceProfiler Documentation

srcprof v:0.0.18 documentation in HTML format

Infodoc Documentation (updated 2024-05-26)

Documentation for 'infodoc-styles.css' v:0.0.15 and 'idpp' v:0.0.15 Infodoc Post-Processor in HTML format

HTML / CSS Color Chart

This is a chart of the so-called “web-safe” colors, for those who are trying to decide what foreground and background colors to use with your HTML-format Texinfo documents. Enjoy!

“Exercalc” Documentation

ecalc v:0.0.01 documentation in HTML format

“crcmodel” Release Notes

Release notes for the “crcmodel” exercise which demonstrates generation of CRC values.
(See also the “crcPlus” utility docs, above.)

“Salmon” Release Notes

Release notes for the “Salmon” exercise which demonstrates several different ways to spawn a child process.

“TermSize” Release Notes

Release notes for the “TermSize” utility which reports the size of a terminal window as it is being resized.

“BuildCart” Release Notes (new 2024-06-20)

Release notes for the “BuildCart” utility which can build a ‘cartouche” (border) around any block of text.

Saving a Local Copy of the HTML Documentation

If you want an off-line copy of an HTML-formatted documentation page, open the document, then right-click on an empty area of the page and select the 'save page as...' option from the context menu.

To retain the enhanced layout formatting for the target page, you will also need a local copy of the page style information:  'infodoc-styles.css'.  The style info may, or may not be automagically downloaded with the target page. If it is not, click here to save a copy of the CSS style info:

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