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Notes on the transition from ncurses v:5.9 to ncurses v:6.1    (updated 14 Aug 2020)

The NcDialog API, upon which most of the applications on this site are based, was developed using the ncursesw 5.9 development package, and is fully functional with v:5.9 ncurses. Starting in mid-2015, Thomas Dickey (maintainer of ncurses) has been working to transition from version 5.9 to version 6.0.

This has been a slow and painful process, both for him and for those of us whose work depends on the ncurses library.
Let's be clear here: Thomas Dickey is an under-appreciated hero of the GNU/Linux community, and he deserves our support and encouragement. That said, ncurses 6.0 and the early releases of ncurses 6.1 were not production-worthy. The Linux distribution teams and the various repositories have been slow to adopt the updated ncurses builds, but have now made the transition to more stable versions. However, some problems remain.

We are continuing to research and experiment with this and other issues related to the community's transition to ncurses v:6.1. Stay tuned.