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The Software Samurai is a veteran Silicon Valley software designer, specializing in firmware, embedded-systems software and technical documentation.
Since 2009, Sam has been teaching at Beijing University of Technology,
北京工业大学, Beijing, PRC.

It is hoped that you will find your visit to this site to be useful and informative, so please let us know if there is anything we can do to improve your experience.

Your humble servant, Software Sam.

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All source code, libraries and executables posted for download on this site are released under the GNU General Public License, version 3 (or higher).

All Texinfo (info) documentation posted on this site, including any corresponding documentation in other formats (PDF or HTML for example), are released under the GNU Free Documentation License, version 1.3 (or higher).
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Sam is happy to receive any questions and comments about the software and other material on this site. Be aware however that he does have a full-time job and a number of part-time projects - in addition to development and testing of the software posted on this site. For this reason, please be patient and he will respond as quickly as possible.

Sam is reasonably proficient in English, Spanish, Chinese (simplified) and Vietnamese; however, please post your questions/comments in English whenever possible for maximum effectiveness of communication.

Sam es razonablemente competentes en Inglés, Español, Chino (simplificado) y Vietnamita; Sin embargo, por favor escriba sus preguntas y comentarios en Inglés siempre que sea posible para obtener la máxima eficacia de la comunicación.

Sam là hợp lý thành thạo tiếng Anh, tiếng Tây Ban Nha, Trung Quốc (giản thể) và tiếng Việt. Tuy nhiên, cho hiệu quả tối đa trong giao tiếp,xin vui lòng viết câu hỏi và bình luận của bạn bằng tiếng Anh khi có thể.


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